Online Project Management Benefits

Discover the benefits of using our free online project management software.

We help you manage your projects better

Like bills to pay, everyone has projects to manage. It may be a child's birth, a wedding, a startup, a software release or a marketing campaign. In every situation, one has stacks of work to do but not necessarily the toolbox required to raise the challenge. A toolbox to manage your projects, this is what AceProject is. We are proud to offer an alternative to both spreadsheets and enterprise solutions like Microsoft Project.

We've been around since 2001

AceProject is not a new kid in town. We've been constantly evolving since 2001. We initially launched a simple task manager called FreeTaskManager. It was warmly welcomed. Throughout its short life, FreeTaskManager quickly became a project management application. The more features we added to the product, the more obvious it became to us that FreeTaskManager had more potential that we initially thought. AceProject blossomed from FreeTaskManager's seed.

You call, we answer. You send an email, we reply to it

Unlike many companies that sell products or services online, you don't have to struggle to speak with us. We don't use any ticketing system that auto-replies to emails. We don't have a call center and neither do we outsource customer service. We have three phone lines: one for sales, one for customer service and one for technical support. We also have a live chat system, which is much appreciated, and email support of course. When you call, we pick up the phone. Worst case scenario, we'll call you back asap. Not it an week, but in a matter of hours or even minutes. We provide the level of service we'd like to get when we're in the customer's seat.

Customer support is free for life

There are no maintenance plans and no restrictions to the number of times you and your team contact us for a question, a problem or just to chat about AceProject.

You can talk to the boss

Daniel Raymond is the owner of the company and the mastermind behind AceProject. He's the one who pulls the strings. He's a hard-working man who is actively involved in everything that surrounds AceProject. Furthermore, after all those years, he's still the one who provides technical support because he feels he's still the best person for this task. If, for whatever reason you wish to talk to him directly, simply give him a call.

Our staff is happy at work

Websystems' team is like no other. We're a team of 10 members, with different backgrounds, different personalities, different skills and different strengths. Nobody comes to work every morning. We all come to the office to raise challenges. Daniel, André, Sylvain, Pascal, Michel B., Michel D., Fred, Marie-Christine and Steeve are all brothers and sisters in a family named Websytems.

Our clients are the center of the universe to us

Without customers, we're nothing. Everything we do, every feature we add, every documentation page and every code line in AceProject is for you. We listen to every feedback we receive and keep our wishlist updated.

Our prices are low and will stay low

AceProject costs what we feel it's worth. It could be five or ten-times more expensive like some of the other guys, but we think differently. We want to make profit like all companies, we're just less greedy than some. Furthermore, should we ever change our packages' privileges or pricing, existing customers' subscriptions are never changed whatsoever. Their subscription gets grandfathered.

You can be a small startup or a large enterprise. We've helped both and still can

Our project management software may be inexpensive, but this does not mean it is only for small businesses. Actually, we have a wide range of customers, from small startups with one user only to large enterprises like IBM, AT&T and Exxon Mobil with hundreds of concurrent users connected worldwide. If we can help these giants, we can help everyone.

We're not into bells and whistles

Our application is not the most flamboyant tool around. It doesn't have all the latest Web 2.0 gadgets. However, AceProject gets projects done. That's what it does best. Actually, everyone has projects to manage, but only a few are project management professionals (PMP). Whether you are a PMP or not, AceProject empowers you to unleash the project manager in you!