The team behind AceProject

Daniel Frederic Lydia Stephane Michael
[...] We strive to continually make project management accessible and fluid, allowing clients around the world to take advantage of complex tools through simplified interfaces, and that, at a reasonable cost [...]

Daniel Raymond - President

Target Daniel

Daniel Raymond

Fearless leader

From the beginning Daniel has directed Websystems in its steady and continuous growth. He is always on the lookout for new techniques, new possibilities, and talented individuals, in his path to ultimately add more value to the end user.

Websystems - Daniel Raymond

Target Frederic

Frédéric Malenfant

Mr. “sticky fingers”

Frédéric has his hands on everything (while not playing Angry Birds). Backend, Frontend, web, DB...his presence is felt everywhere. A true original.

Websystems - Frederic Malenfant

Target Lydia

Lydia Bell

Makes sure stuff works

Lydia has made a huge impact on the team since her arrival, keeping everyone on their toes (in a good way). Always cheerful and pleasant, but not afraid to take a stand where quality is concerned.

Websystems - Lydia Bell

Target Stephane

Stéphane Camiré

The conductor

Every orchestra needs a conductor. Stéphane is there to keep everyone in line, in time, and in harmony. His attention to detail and finesse makes sure that what we think we will do is actually what will happen!

Websystems - Stephane Camire

Target Michael

Michael Claassen

Mr. Opportunity

Michael brings a flair for market clarity, helping set the course for AceProject`s future and ensuring the AceProject word is spread far and wide.

Websystems - Michael Claassen
Websystems - Office Quebec City Canada

Quebec City is where we at Websystems call home. This dynamic city situated on the mighty St. Lawrence River has it all. A culmination of rich history, european architecture, incredible summer and winter festivals, and thriving high-tech companies and more makes this the envy of North America.

Our office is situated in the sector Lebourneuf, a few kilometers north of the historic walled city. The ease of access and abundance of quality restaurants and services makes this the ideal location for us to express our creativity and deliver our products through our passion and hard work.