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Administration Panels Complete in the New Interface

We proudly announce that we made great progress in the new interface. We have completed all project, user, and account management panels. Please login to the New Interface and give it a try.

Here is the list of things you can now do:

  • Add a user to your account;
  • Modify any user preferences or your own profile (including your password);
  • Open a user list panel to see all users;
  • Assign a user to a project with proper access rights;
  • Assign a project to a user with proper access rights;
  • Modify your account preferences;

How to add a user to your account?

Simply click the “New User” menu item at the screen’s top upper left: see the image below. A panel will appear to enter the new user credentials, access rights, email notifications, and other settings.

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Introducing the User List Panel in the New Interface

Before the end of the year, we are glad to launch our latest release of 2022, which includes a new user list panel for AceProject. The next iteration of that panel will allow you to edit the settings for each user, including their project access rights.

How to open the User List Panel?

Simply click the “Users” button at the screen’s top upper left: see the image below. Proper access rights are needed: administrators will see all users with all fields (27), while regular users will see a limited number of fields (9).


What columns are available in the user panel view?

The user panel allows you to add/remove the columns in the grid by simply clicking the 3-dot menu from any column. You can choose from 27 columns:


How to use the User List panel?

The User List panel offers a lot of flexibility. By default, you see all active users in your account. You can […]

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New Time and Project Features in the New Interface

Good News! We just rolled out many new features in the New Interface. When you create a new project from a template, we added some options to also copy tasks and documents.

An administrator can now manage time types and time statuses without going to the classic interface anymore.

Finally, you can see your deleted projects directly from the Project List panel, and restore them easily within the 30-day grace period.


How to use the Copy Project Options?

When you create a new project, you have to select a template project to share the structure with. Once the template project is selected, you now have some copy options available below.


How to manage your Time Types and Time Statuses?

Simply click the “Time” button located at the top upper left of the screen, and choose the option your want. You have to be an administrator to access this feature.


How to modify your […]

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Introducing Project List in the New Interface

The new interface is still evolving with a panel displaying the list of your projects. This new panel displays all your projects in a comprehensive grid, allowing you to filter, sort, and group your projects with multiple criteria.

How to open the Project List?

Simply by using the “Projects” button located at the top upper left of the screen, and click the “Project List” item. See the image below:


How to use the Project List panel?

The Project List panel offers a lot of flexibility. First, you see the projects you are assigned to if you are a normal user, and all projects if you are an administrator. If you click any project, it will open the Edit Project panel and allow you to do some modifications.

Moreover, you have the following options available:

#1 Grouping: This feature allows you to group your projects on one or several levels. For example, you can group your projects by Status, then by Type. To activate this feature, simply drag-drop a column above the […]

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Top 10 Cons & Disadvantages of Software, a popular project management software, has garnered widespread attention for its versatility and user-friendly interface. However, like any tool, it comes with its drawbacks that users should be aware of before diving in. This software, designed to streamline workflow and enhance team collaboration, has been a game-changer for many businesses. Yet, some users have encountered challenges that have impacted their overall experience.

If you feel Monday’s pricing is too high for your budget, consider our tool AceProject. By charging per project instead of per user, this software offers the potential for significant cost savings. Sign-up for Free here.

Adopting new software always comes with a learning curve, and is no exception. Users often praise its ability to organize and manage tasks efficiently, but several issues have been raised that can hinder productivity and user satisfaction. Understanding these pitfalls is crucial for potential users to make an informed decision. It’s also essential for current users struggling with these issues to find solutions […]

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Trello Pricing and Costs Guide for 2024

Trello is a well-known project management tool that assists individuals and teams in arranging and prioritizing their work. It provides a user-friendly and straightforward platform for managing projects and tasks, and it’s free to use for small teams and individuals. Nonetheless, Trello has various paid plans providing extra features and functionalities for larger organizations and businesses. This article will examine Trello’s pricing options and the features they provide.

Whenever you need an advanced reporting and exporting platform that will boost Trello’s capabilities, consider Bridge24 for Trello.

If you feel Trello’s pricing is too high for your budget, consider looking at other alternatives: Top 10 Best Project Management Software & Tools.

Trello Free Plan

The pricing for Trello starts with a free plan that provides a user with unlimited personal boards that only one person can view and up to 10 boards per workspace. Users can add an unlimited number of tasks or cards to their Kanban board and create unlimited lists. Additionally, users can […]

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Project Management and Firefighting

Most bloggers won’t admit to how they often find inspiration for their posts in other blogs and tweets. Anywho, I found my inspiration for today’s post from this Tweet: “Why do so many professionals say they are project managing, when what they are doing is fire fighting? – Colin Bentley” from

  1. It’s a vicious circle.
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10 good things about projects

In business and organizational dynamics, project management is often under a critical lens, primarily focused on its challenges and complexities. However, this one-sided perspective overlooks the positive impacts of effective project management on an organization. It’s time to shift the narrative and highlight the indispensable benefits that project management brings to the table. Let’s explore 10 compelling reasons why projects are necessary and a powerhouse of positive transformation within any business setting.

  1. Structured Lifecycle: Projects inherently possess a well-defined structure with a beginning, middle, and end. This clear delineation provides a roadmap for progression, instilling a sense of purpose and direction. The journey from initiation to completion is not just about meeting deadlines; it’s a refreshing process that keeps teams motivated and focused on achieving set goals.
  2. Sense of Achievement: Undertaking projects, whether developing something new or completing a significant task like a customer installation or a software release, often results in a deep sense of accomplishment. This feeling of bringing something new and valuable to fruition […]
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Remove Link Deprecated for Child Projects (In Progress)

You can no longer remove the link between a parent and a child project from the classic interface.

There was incomprehension about the purpose/goal of working with project templates, parents, and child projects. Most people clicked the Remove Link button without knowing they would lose synchronization across their parent/child projects with groups, types, priorities, and statuses.

We want to encourage users to group projects because projects of the same nature should share the same structure (assigned users, groups, types, priorities, statuses).

A new way of working on your parent and child projects will be released soon in the new interface: Project Portfolios.


  • You create a parent project (template) with assigned users, task groups, types, priorities, and statuses.
    • Then, you can create a child project based on a parent project (template).
  • You can remove the relationship between a parent and child project to independently manage your task groups, types, priorities, and statuses.

After (Coming Soon)

  • Similar projects will be under a mandatory Portfolio of Projects.
  • Each project previously linked to the same “parent” will become a portfolio member.
  • The original […]
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Trello Gantt Chart that Surpasses Your Expectations

Bridge24 now offers the Gantt Chart view for Trello. This in-demand feature enables users to create a visual timeline of activities across all Boards using any date field as a punctual date or start and end dates. With its high level of flexibility, the Gantt Chart view allows for easy filtering and adjusting of the view as required. Overall, this feature is a powerful tool for Trello users, efficiently managing and visualizing their projects.

Trello Gantt Chart View

The Trello Gantt Chart view is a common tool used in project planning to track task progression by scheduling and rearranging tasks based on their start and end dates. However, Trello had been missing a “Card Start” date until recently, which proved challenging. Bridge24 created its Gantt view as a solution, allowing users to select any date field, including custom fields, as a start or end date. This feature was developed before Trello’s new start date field was released. With the Bridge24 Gantt view, users can easily […]

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The Gantt Chart for Basecamp That Exceeds Your Expectations

With the introduction of a Gantt Chart for Basecamp users, Bridge24 has recently provided a means to organize and visualize the progress of their projects, to-dos, and cards in a more structured and orderly way. This timeline view presents a complete picture of all to-dos across all projects, which enables users to monitor the progress of their projects more effectively. Additionally, the Gantt chart view features a dynamic filtering option that permits users to tailor the display to their specific requirements and only view the relevant projects, to-dos, and cards.


Options for Gantt Chart in Basecamp

  • Allows users to visualize their to-dos and cards using a dynamic Gantt Chart or Timeline view that spans across all their projects.
  • Users can set any date fields as start and end dates for their to-dos and cards.
  • Users can easily drag and drop progress bars within the Gantt Chart to update their to-do and card dates in real-time.
  • Users can export their Gantt Chart view as a PDF to share or save for future reference.
  • Basecamp’s […]
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Top 10 Best Project Management Software & Tools 2023

Project management software facilitates team collaboration and enables organizations to prioritize their most important work. It’s an essential tool for most companies, but with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which is right for your organization. Our guide can help you narrow your choices and select the best software for your specific needs.

In the past, only dedicated project managers were responsible for overseeing projects, and they used specialized tools that required significant training and expertise. However, modern project management software has evolved to meet the needs of a more dynamic and collaborative workforce. Today, almost everyone is expected to manage their projects, and legacy tools are no longer practical.

Whether you’re a new business owner in need of invoicing assistance or running a large multinational corporation, there is a project management software that’s suitable for your needs. Keep reading to discover which project management software is the best fit for your company.

The Top 10 Project Management Software

With so many project management software options available […]

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