AceProject has released a beta version of its new interface. Already many new features are available, such as: bulk document download, dynamic charts and board view, and many others. It is still in the works and more features will be added over the coming year. Seamlessly switch between either interface to benefit from all features until then.

Taking AceProject to the Next Level
  • New navigation panel to easily access projects and tasks

  • Use a flexible Grid view to sort, group & search tasks

  • Board view to view and interact with your tasks in a more visual way

  • Create customizable reports in a high quality printable format to PDF or Excel

  • Generate interactive charts with drill down ability and export to PDF

  • Calendar and Gantt views to display and interact with tasks temporily

  • Access the History view of all actions against tasks

  • Export tasks including comments to Excel/CSV

  • Bulk download documents through a File Download Manager



AceProject is accessed by thousands of users every day from multiple industry segments and company sizes large and small. AceProject is easy to use and includes a full range of features to efficiently and effectively manage projects and tasks to centralize your project management needs. Centralization allows greater access to information and better collaboration.

Grid View

  • Display Search results within a flexible Grid

  • Resize column widths, show/hide and dynamically arrange field order

  • Reorder displayed information by clicking on the field header name

  • Group displayed tasks by drag-drop of the column name into the group area

  • Click on any task line to bring up the Edit panel

  • Display included calculated fields (age & time to completion)

  • Dynamically filter tasks using all field information

  • Export grid content to Excel/CSV

Board View

  • Display a Project’s tasks in a kanban style Board view

  • The list in the Board is based on the task status

  • Drag and & drop a task from one list to another to change the status

  • Collapse/Expand lists as needed to improve visualization

  • Dynamically filter the Board using the “Search within…” or create a Filter

  • Click on any task card to bring up the Edit task panel

Gantt View

  • View tasks in a timeline view

  • Add and edit dependencies between tasks

  • Change time scale (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year)

  • View Milestones

  • Use any date to display on the Gantt. Not restricted to start and end date only. For example, use the Created date and Completed date

  • Modify display characteristics such as Grouping, Sorting options and text to display on bars

  • Export the Gantt to PDF

Calendar View

  • Display tasks in a dynamic Calendar view

  • Use any date to display on the Calendar. Not restricted to start and end dates only.

    For example, use the Created date and Completed date for a range, or Last update date for a Single date

  • Change time scale (Day, Week, Month, Agenda)

  • Drag and drop start and end dates to modify dynamically

  • Dynamically filter the Board using the “Search within…” or create a Filter

  • Export the Calendar to PDF

Interactive Charts

  • Automated creation of popular charts including tasks by: project, assignee, status, status type, completed by week, created by week, creator, group, priority, overdue and soon due, and more…

  • The different chart types supported are: Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, Horizontal bar, and Vertical bar

  • Chart stacking, allowing to display 2 variables in the same chart

  • View total number of tasks per segment

  • Drill down by clicking on segment in chart and click on a task to Edit

  • Export chart and associated task list to PDF

Reporting Engine

  • Predefined reports based on filtered tasks in a high quality printable format

  • Advanced reports with 2 level grouping with unlimited columns

  • “Wide” fields such as Description and Comments can be displayed below each task

  • Report Manager to access and edit/run report definitions quickly

  • Include totals and subtotals on fields on each group levels. Average, Count, Maximum, Minimum and Sum available

  • The report is available in multiple export formats including PDF and Excel

Filter/Update/Export Tasks

  • Create & save multiple Filters for easy access to specific information, such as Date Ranges, exclude field values, etc

  • Use the Global “Search tasks…” to access quickly tasks across all projects

  • Use the Quick “Search within…” in all views to quickly filter Search results

  • Open the Edit panel by clicking on a task to modify task information and click Update

  • Export AceProject tasks, including comments & document information, to CSV & Excel formats from active Search results from any view

Document Download Manager

  • Allows the punctual or bulk download for files (documents) from all tasks in the Search results

  • Provides status tracking during transfer, and provides an index and log

  • Documents are saved within a structured Zip file

  • Automated multiple Zip file creation

  • Punctually download from the Grid within the Documents field or directly in the task Edit panel and bulk export all documents associated to the task at once

  • Enable zip compression

  • Manually download through Manager the files that are larger than the zip container


  • Access action/modifications to tasks through the History area including previous value and datestamp of the action

  • Choose the time period to view, and filter by user

  • Select which events to view (over 30 available, such as: Document added, Status change, Task created, and other edits)

  • Filter using “Search within…”

  • Group displayed history items by drag-drop of the column name into the group area

  • Export History to Excel/CSV for external consultation



“The export module is awesome! AceProject is easy to use, and the layout is very intuitive!”

Chad Boerboom, AceProject User

“Moving a task from one status to another by just drag and drop (using the Kanban view).”

Shaifeez Siddik, AceProject User