Mobile Version 2011.02.22 – New Main Menu and Task Deletion

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We received many comments following AceProject Mobile’s official launch last week and once again, we used them in a constructive way. First off, we have decided to make the main menu more dashboard-oriented. The new menu is more detailed and shows the number of items in each list. Here’s a screenshot:

The comments we received also helped us make the following changes:

  • A task can be deleted from the “Edit Task” page.
  • A task can be marked during creation.
  • When viewing a project, a task can be added to it from the toolbar at the top.
  • Most icons have been reworked.

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  1. Hello Chris,

    Yes. We certainly want to add the ability to record time in the mobile version. We will be getting to that as soon as we possibly can.

    Thank you for using AceProject!


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