AceProject Enters the Android Market


It’s been one year since we launched our mobile web app. The number of mobile users increases every day, and although some features have yet to be added to the mobile app, the users are delighted by AceProject Mobile.

That being said, AceProject is a web app, not a native app. There is no store for web apps, but we found a way to enter the Android Market and reach Android users more easily.

Basically, we built a native Java Android app which empowers users to connect to AceProject in a more convenient way. Furthermore, this native app has a “remember me” behavior (just like Facebook, for instance). As a result, you remain logged in for as long as you want to. No need to go through the login page anymore. For that specific reason, current Android users should download the native Android app to benefit from this awesome advantage. It can be downloaded by clicking the badge below:

As always, your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, we would like to offer our warmest Holiday wishes to all our customers, fans and followers. We’re all set for 2012. We have a lot on our plate, so we hope you’re ready!

9 Responses to “AceProject Enters the Android Market”

  1. Impressionnant ! Bravo à l’équipe d’AceProject pour cette performance. A présent, AceProject nous suivra partout et à tout moment !

    • Merci Moulay!

      Michel Deslandes Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support Contact Us

  2. Please make a Blackberry App! Thanks!

    • Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering making apps for other devices as we did with the Android app.

  3. I would really like to use this app, it looks really good but I have tried and have been unsuccessful in getting it running.

    Mobile Device: Droid Charge on Verizon
    Android Version: 2.3.6

    Once I download the app and install it through the Android Market, it runs on the first run. After entering my sub domain and account information and clicking Login the app hangs and then Force Quits. Subsequent launches after this show a black screen and then Force Quit immediately. Unstalling and reinstalling have not helped.

    Would really like to use your app!


    • Hi augustuswm,

      What is your account subdomain? I’ll look further into the matter.

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

      • Hi Michel,

        Thanks for the response. Is there an email I can contact you at with it instead of posting it in a comment here.

        Thanks again

        • Hello,

          Yes. Please send your questions to Whatever you send to that e-mail address will be flagged to me.

          Thank you for your interest in AceProject!


          Michel Deslandes Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support Contact Us


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