The Gantt Chart for Basecamp That Exceeds Your Expectations

With the introduction of a Gantt Chart for Basecamp users, Bridge24 has recently provided a means to organize and visualize the progress of their projects, to-dos, and cards in a more structured and orderly way. This timeline view presents a complete picture of all to-dos across all projects, which enables users to monitor the progress of their projects more effectively. Additionally, the Gantt chart view features a dynamic filtering option that permits users to tailor the display to their specific requirements and only view the relevant projects, to-dos, and cards.


Options for Gantt Chart in Basecamp

  • Allows users to visualize their to-dos and cards using a dynamic Gantt Chart or Timeline view that spans across all their projects.
  • Users can set any date fields as start and end dates for their to-dos and cards.
  • Users can easily drag and drop progress bars within the Gantt Chart to update their to-do and card dates in real-time.
  • Users can export their Gantt Chart view as a PDF to share or save for future reference.
  • Basecamp’s […]