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Trello Gantt Chart that Surpasses Your Expectations

Bridge24 now offers the Gantt Chart view for Trello. This in-demand feature enables users to create a visual timeline of activities across all Boards using any date field as a punctual date or start and end dates. With its high level of flexibility, the Gantt Chart view allows for easy filtering and adjusting of the view as required. Overall, this feature is a powerful tool for Trello users, efficiently managing and visualizing their projects.

Trello Gantt Chart View

The Trello Gantt Chart view is a common tool used in project planning to track task progression by scheduling and rearranging tasks based on their start and end dates. However, Trello had been missing a “Card Start” date until recently, which proved challenging. Bridge24 created its Gantt view as a solution, allowing users to select any date field, including custom fields, as a start or end date. This feature was developed before Trello’s new start date field was released. With the Bridge24 Gantt view, users can easily […]

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Trello Pricing and Costs Guide for 2023

Trello is a well-known project management tool that assists individuals and teams in arranging and prioritizing their work. It provides a user-friendly and straightforward platform for managing projects and tasks, and it’s free to use for small teams and individuals. Nonetheless, Trello has various paid plans that provide extra features and functionalities designed for larger organizations and businesses. This article will examine Trello’s pricing options and the features they provide.

Whenever you need an advanced reporting and exporting platform that will boost Trello’s capabilities, consider Bridge24 for Trello.

If you feel Trello’s pricing is too high for your budget, you may consider looking at other alternatives: Top 10 Best Project Management Software & Tools.

Trello Free Plan

The pricing for Trello starts with a free plan that provides a user with unlimited personal boards that only one person can view and up to 10 boards per workspace. Users can add an unlimited number of tasks or cards to their Kanban board and create unlimited […]

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