New case studies available

We’ve added two case studies to AceProject’s web site. Those are stories from real clients, telling us how AceProject helps them work better with their clients, with their employees, and with their students.

Beenox, a video game studio from Quebec City, needed a new employee time management system. Véronique Lessard, recruitment coordinator at Beenox, explains: “We needed to be able to manage vacations, time off and banked time. Since we are a video game company, it is essential for us to be able to know how many hours were worked on each project, and even per trade.”
The engineering department at Quebec’s University in Rimouski (UQAR) regroups three disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electro mechanic systems engineering. During their academic journey, students must pass three courses that include a real design project, during their third and fourth year of training.