Why open is the new green (in technology)

Last week at the Webcom conference, the big buzzword was open: open networking, open mesh, open social, open products, etc.

The era of the Web 2.0 is over. It’s now the Web ME.0.  ME.0 is about the individual. Not the products. Not the technologies. Not the businesses.

The people.

And those people are not interested in remembering 15 different passwords, or recreating 15 diffierent profiles on 15 different sites and products. Already, we’re seeing most sites using the email address as the username to log in. We’re seeing initiatives like OpenSocial getting attention from the likes of Google and Yahoo. We’re seeing more and more products opening their databases via APIs. We’re seeing more products designed to centralize social network updating.

Businesses are making their products easier to use, instead of locking their customers in.

Everyone wants an open product, an open platform and an open relationship with their suppliers and clients.

Open is THE online business and technology trend this year, just like green is THE brick-and-mortar business trend this year.