Dates, Dates, Dates

Spore is the computer gaming world’s most anticipated release. Well, it was in 2005, and in 2006, and 2007. It should be released this month. Wired has a nice recap of the release dates’ evolution.

Two whole years late. Spore has been set to release “in a few months” for the last two years. How does that happen? While it’s perfectly understandable to have problems and delays in the development of such a groundbreaking game, I am curious to know what made the game so late. When the creators demoed the game at the E3 conference in late 2005, they expected the game to be finished and ready to ship. And yet, we are almost 3 years later and it has not been released.

Is this a good example of bad project management, or a yet better example that, no matter how well the project is managed, sometimes Murphy weighs heavily in the balance?