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Using AceProject for document check in/check out

Document management is a very convenient feature in
AceProject. Documents can be associated with a task or a project. AceProject’s document management features include: Versioning, Locking and Public/Private Availability. Locking a document doesn’t hide it. Actually, anyone who can view the document can see it even when it’s locked. It’s simply put in read-only mode.

One might be interested in document management for storage, archiving and collaboration, among other things. Today, I’d like to focus on version control (a.k.a. check in/check out) which can be achieved using the locking feature in AceProject.

Locking a document protects it against deletion and overwriting. Several scenarios can require locking documents. Here are a two examples:

Set in stone documents and document templates

Documents that should not be altered by anyone should be locked. For instance, final/approved versions, legal documents, quotes, invoices, documents from clients, etc. All templates that users start from should be locked as well. It may be forms, invoices, quotes, web pages or any other relevant source that is used over and over again in your organization.

Prevent conflicts when several users […]

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How to get the most out of AceProject, Part II: Teachers and Schools

Last week, we saw how AceProject can help consultants ensure their budgets stay on budget.

This week, we’ll see how teachers and schools can improve communications with their students and keep track of all their classes in a central location.  For workshop-oriented classes, AceProject can make your class like a project team.

One project, one class
AceProject helps prepare your materials for your classes. Simply setup each class as a project.

Then, you can create a task for each thing that you need to do to prepare the class, such as your class presentations, exams, or handouts. You can also create a task for each important event when you give the class, such as exam dates and paper due dates.

Not only can you upload all your documents to the task, you can even keep several versions of the same document right there in the task.

Once your class is all setup, you can keep it as a template and recreate the project for each term that […]

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