In an effort to give Japanese companies a hand during the recent earthquake’s aftermath, we offer free licenses to our Hosted Gold package.

Websystems, Inc.’s President, Daniel Raymond, made the decision today. “I had been thinking about what our company could do to help Japanese people after the earthquake. The idea I came with is giving a tool that will help Japanese organizations recover from this disaster,” says Websystems, Inc.’s founder and owner.

Daniel Raymond thinks AceProject can be of great help to Japanese entrepreneurs. “Recovering from a disaster involves setting up projects, and managing projects requires organization, especially in hard times. Since AceProject does that, I sincerely believe it can help Japanese companies during the aftermath,” he says.

The software has no Japanese version at this time. However, the interface as well as the documentation is available in English and French. Since Japanese businesses are used to working in English, Websystems does not see any problem at this level.

Every Hosted Gold annual subscription pledged is worth $990/year and empowers an organization to manage an unlimited number of users, projects and tasks.

The free Hosted Gold licenses will be given to the first 100 Japanese companies that will request one, and provide a document that states their Japanese citizenship. To obtain their free annual license to the Hosted Gold package, Japanese companies shall visit and communicate with the AceProject team following the creation of their free account.