We just applied a fresh paint layer on our website. Our website hadn’t been refreshed for about a year. Therefore, we’ve decided to adapt its look and feel to the new AceProject. From now on, we want to update both the application and the website more often.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched our new design. Our customers are pretty thrilled about the “New AceProject”. We received lots of comments and many of them helped us tweak quite a few things, fix bugs and add elements to our roadmap. We are still working on the documentation, so please be patient. All help pages will be updated in the foreseeable future.

That being said, we are currently working on 2 features that will be much appreciated.

  • Drag & Drop Document Upload – Right now, you must use the good old “browse…” button to reach a document. We grew tired of this outdated method of upload and decided to move forward with drag & drop and a progress bar.
  • Recurring Tasks – This is perhaps one of the most requested features on our wishlist. Basically, this feature will let you create recurring tasks based on a pattern (frequency, number of occurrences, etc.). Hence, you won’t need to copy the same task over and over for that matter.
We’ll keep you posted.