It's finally online: you can use AceProject 4.5 online now! What's new? You can read the release notes here, but in a nutshell:

  • New, cooler, shinier Gantt charts
  • Dynamic templates
  • Easier time sheets
  • Better custom reports
  • Skins

AceProject 4.5 took about 6 months to make, and we are very proud of it. I think it makes AceProject nicer to look at and easier to use, and that translates in happier customers.

Now that it's out, I can stop talking in the future tense when I give demos to future clients. A new version release always boosts my pride in AceProject, puts a spring in my step and my voice Smile.

Now what?

On the development side, we get the great question: what do we do now? Which features are we going to develop? What's the next big step for AceProject? On the product management and marketing side, this is an incredibly creative period, where I feel anything is possible. It feels awesome. 

I can't wait to see what we will put in AceProject 4.6, which is due this Fall.