When we release a new version of AceProject, we first make it available for hosted accounts, where it’s easy for us to fix bugs. We’ll wait a few weeks to make sure the system is stable, then make the release available to our Source Code customers.

AceProject Source Code installs on a Web server. Ends users still use a Web browser to access AceProject, but the data resides on the customer’s server instead of our servers.

Why buy the Source Code edition?

There are a few reasons why our customers who choose to purchase AceProject Source Code:

  • One-time payment. Since the Source Code is installed on the customer’s own web server, there is no recurring payment.
  • Unlimited projects, tasks, and file space. AceProject Source Code licenses are based on users only. For groups that complete a high number of projects, it may be more cost-effective to purchase AceProject Source Code.
  • Complete control over the system. The customer chooses where to install AceProject Source Code, how to maintain that server and – most importantly – how to secure it. Organizations in the health, finance and legal sectors tend to choose AceProject Source Code for this reasons.
  • Independence from Internet availability. Customers who are in areas where Internet access is unreliable install AceProject Source Code on an Intranet server to make sure the system is always available.

How does the upgrade work?

If you already have upgrades banked (email us if you don’t know), simply email customer service and request the upgrade. We’ll send you the download link within about one business day. If you don’t have any upgrades banked, you can purchase an upgrade here. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you the download link within about one business day. You can install the upgrade by simply unzipping the files in your AceProject directory on your server. It takes about 1 minute.

What’s new in AceProject 4.7?

Improved task dependencies, improved workload report that shows overallocations, flexible mail server configurations, and much more. See the full release notes here.