AceProject 4.6 is ready. We will begin the upgrade cycle tonight, with the free accounts, the Hosted-Standard accounts and the Hosted-Advanced accounts.

AceProject 4.6 was developed in 10 short weeks. We experimented with the Agile product development methodology: shorter development cycles coupled with complete product testing and documentation at the end of each cycle, instead of just at the end.

The results are amazing. We were able to release AceProject faster. More than that I believe testing at each development phase will give a higher quality product for you, our users. The more bugs we were able to find before the release, the fewer you will find when your accounts get upgraded to the new version.

Please tell us your impressions of the new AceProject!

What’s new in AceProject 4.6?

  • We now have inactive project templates, project templates that exist exclusively
    as templates. With inactive templates, users don’t receive email notifications
    and task reminders to its tasks. Moreover, tasks that belong to inactive project
    templates are not displayed in task lists and reports.
  • AceProject now allows you to share a document
    with someone who is not logged in to AceProject (even non-users).
  • Two new email notifications settings are now available: You can turn on email notifications if you are the creator of the
    task. You can also request email notifications when you can start
    working on a task that is part of a dependency chain.

Read the details in the release notes.