AceProject users who own an iPhone, an iPad or an Android-powered smartphone will be delighted to hear that AceProject is finally going mobile.

We considered three options, be it an iPhone app, an Android app or a Web app. Since AceProject itself is a web-based application, it only made sense to offer a Web app for mobile devices, even though installable apps (e.g. in the Apple Store) are quite more popular at this time. Hence, no matter which mobile platform you use, AceProject will be compatible with it.

There are two ways to access the mobile application:

  1. Via your login page, by clicking the mobile icon.
  2. Add /m at the end of your login page URL.

We decided to keep it simple at first. Basically, you can access project lists, tasks lists and tasks in read-only mode. Task editing will be available soon.

Every user’s comments will help improve the mobile application. For that reason, do not hesitate to send us any suggestion, feedback or comment you may have. We want to hear about your user experience.