For the official launch of AceProject’s latest version, our team worked very hard to implement both a esthetic and functional improvements:
  • AceProject now sports its brand new colors and convenient animated menus.
  • The Administration section includes two new reports and 2 new tools:
    • Task reports by date and by user are now available in the Administration tab, which permits producing these reports for all projects at once.
    • Your account data is exportable in Microsoft Excel format. This is useful for backups and importing the data into another software.
    • A project deletion interface lets your erase a whole project or only parts of it.
  • The email notification functionality has been expanded to include the message centre and time approval:
    • When you send a message through the message centre, you can ask the system to send an email to the recipient.
    • When you approve a user’s time, you can send him a time approval notification email with a custom message.
  • A tasks’ actual hours now only includes time that is either approved or waiting to be approved. Time that has been rejected is not computed into the actual hours figure.