2004’s first update offers many new functions and improvements:
  • You can move a task to another project. Moving a task is a useful feature that lets you take a task from one project and transfer it to another project without loosing parameters, file attachments or comments.
  • You can receive an email notification when a new file is attached to a task or when a file attachment is deleted.
  • There is a color code in the calendar: tasks in green start on that day, tasks in red end on that day and tasks in black start and end on thesame day.
  • Time report filters have been improved.
  • A new project type filter is available in the Administration section for task reports, Gantt charts and time approval.
  • It is now impossible to have 2 projects with the same name and/or number.
  • You can automatically generate a time report for a task by clicking on its actual hours.
  • You can now delete a completed task that has attached files.