With the new year, AceProject brings a brand new document management module, new Gantt charts and increased flexibility across the system:
  • AceProject now offers a document management system that permits associating files to each project. Moreover, users can lock project documents, thus protecting them from deletion or modification by other users. A comprehensive range of new functions has been added, including versioning and a folder tree-view.
  • Two new Gantt charts have been created for projects. They display the advancement of all projects in the same window.
  • A new filter has been added to project search bars: you can now filter projects by client.
  • Creating a new project by copying a template is even more flexible, allowing the adjustment of task dates to respect their delay or offset from the Estimated Start Date of the project. This helps you keep your schedule and/or time structure.
  • Users can now choose in which language they will receive email notifications from AceProject.