A new design, improved usability and many requested features are included in this upgrade. This is a major upgrade that will pave the way for many other long-awaited enhancements to be implemented in future versions.
  • A New Design – A new designer within the company has brought a new design to AceProject’s interface. The tabs and the left panel have been revamped, along with a few other graphical elements have been improved in order to make your AceProject experience the best possible.
  • Project Statuses – We are proud to introduce a new configuration element on the project level: the project statuses. This brings new reporting capabilities and ensures better collaboration and communication within teams.
  • Show/Hide Columns for Project Lists and Gantt Charts- Version 4.2 brought the “Show/Hide Columns” feature for tasks. This unexpectedly popular feature pushed us to offer the same capability for project lists and Gantt charts. Therefore, it is now possible to decide which fields will be displayed and which filters will be applied in all project lists and all Gantt charts. Moreover, the changes are applied and remembered in all project lists and Gantt charts each user is allowed to view.
  • Customize Branding – It is now possible for all Hosted Pro and Hosted Gold account administrators to upload their corporate logo, along with their header background. We used to offer the logo substitution option upon request only. Now, we offer even more and no need to contact us anymore to apply such a change. This option lets you bring your corporate image within AceProject, making it look more as if it was an in-house application.
  • New Documentation Formats – In addition to the contextual help and other html help topics, we have added new documentation formats. From now on, video tutorials, PDF’s and PowerPoint presentations will provide even more support and alternatives to html pages, letting you decide among several formats.
  • Delete Comments in the Comment Thread – The comments in each task’s comment thread can now be deleted by Project Managers and by Administrators. This ensures enhanced control over content management, in addition to providing an accurate thread and a clean task history.
  • md5 Encrypted Passwords – Passwords are now encrypted with the “md5” crytographic algorhitm. Thus, passwords are now case sensitive and are visible neither by us nor by your account’s administrators. This puts the level of security of your data at a very high level.
  • Password Recovery – A “Forgot Password?” link has been added on the login page. This will let you enter a new password in case you forgot it.