Summer time is great for taking care of things we have been waiting to accomplish for a long time. This year, we haven’t slowed down at all and decided to take on a huge project, that is, revamping AceProject’s interface completely. We’re not talking about color changes and a couple of new fields. Actually, several interface elements have been either eliminated, rethought or added.

We came to a point where, considering the market trends, feedback from our customers and reviews we got from specialists in our industry, we had no other option but to modernize the product. Several elements in AceProject are old-school, outdated, and a pain to use, and we’ve had enough of this. It’s time for a change!

Here are 2 screenshots with detailed info on the new elements that will be added:

1 – The global search box will let you search among all tasks you are allowed to see. It has the same behaviour as the text-to-search field available in the task report by description and custom task reports. If you have keywords or a task number in mind, using this search box will be, by far, the easiest way to open a task.

2- The multi-project tabs will let you open multiple projects simultaneously. As we speak, there’s one project tab only, but the new interface will let you open as many projects as you want and easily browse from a project to another.

3- The task bar will help provide a cleaner interface. First, it will be moved from the upper right to the left-hand side. Furthermore, the “Add a Task” link will become a button, filters will be hidden by default and all text labels will be removed from action icons like “Show/Hide Columns” and “Export”.

1- The side bar will contain several options currently scattered in the interface. At the top, you’ll be able to navigate back and forth between tasks. The “Update” button will be quite obvious. Furthermore, the side bar will also contain links currently located at the upper right (e.g. “Move/Copy” and “Printer Version”).

2- It will be possible to hide sections in the edit form. This will help lighten the form by letting you show the elements you want to see only.

The design and programming is almost finished and we will launch a beta version soon. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for the new interface, please email your request to For your information, by becoming a beta tester, you’d work with your real data.