In about two weeks from now, we will change the way task assignment works. Right now, the number of estimated hours can be either fully distributed to each assigned user or divided equally among the number of users. The first concept will be eliminated and replaced by a new one: The number of hours assigned to each user for a given task will be customizable. The two assignment options available will be:

  • Divide equally the number of estimated hours for a given task to all users assigned to that task. Hence, if a task takes 5 hours to accomplish with 5 users assigned to that task, each user will be assigned for 1 hour for that task.
  • Customize the number of hours assigned to each user for a task. Hence, for a given task, if you need to assign 5 hours to the developer, 3 hours to the graphic designer and 1 hour to each tester, AceProject will allow you to achieve this without any hassle.

Be prepared as it may impact the way you manage the workload of your users. The User Workload report and the statistics will be adjusted accordingly. By default, all tasks will become “divide equally”.

On a different note, we made a few changes to the mobile version:

  • Overall navigation has been, once again, improved.
  • Several icons have been revamped.
  • An icon that provides contextual links to the main menu has been added to several pages.
  • The above-mentioned task assignment changes will be applied to the mobile version as well.