Do you consider customer service a "cost of doing business?"

In your organization, is sales at the top of the food chain, and customer service at the bottom? 

How's that working for you?

The sales team will talk to your client up and until the initial sale is made. Afterwards, the most contacts your client will have will be with your customer service and technical support teams.  Once someone is your client, the 'cost' of getting more business from them is much smaller than the initial sale. Your customer service team can make this sale. In fact, since their position is one to help the client, it's even easier for them to upsell that client.

Your customer service and technical support should be treated as heroes. Their job is to save clients from their problems and to improve your company's image in their minds. If your customer service teams feel empowered and valuable to the organization, they will do a much better job winning back unhappy clients and upselling the happy ones.

Investing in customer service pays off

Anyone that interacts with customers is an investment. All customer-facing employees represent your organization in the mind of the client. How you consider them affects how they treat the client, and that affect what your client thinks of your organization.