Do you remember the last time you shopped for a car? As you get in the
dealership, you start looking at cars in the showroom. A salesperson helps you
out, answering your questions and guiding your choice for a new car. Once
you've decided what you wanted, the pressure is applied.  As you are
sitting at the salesman's desk, you hear the fatal question: "What would
it take for you to buy this car today?"

Why? Why would I need to buy the car today? If the car is so great, and the deal
I'm offered is so good, why can't I sleep on it? Or shop around some more?

The answer is in how much confidence the salesperson has in the
product.  If the sales person has enough confidence in their product and
the deal they have for you, they will have no problem wishing you a good day
and waiting for you to return to buy the car. If the confidence isn't there,
they will want to seal the deal as soon as possible, before you have the time
to change you mind.

You will see these two types of sales online: the hard sell (buy now!) and
the soft sell (take your time).

At Websystems, we prefer the soft sell approach.  

We know we have a great product. And we prefer to have customers that took the
time to make sure AceProject was right for them before committing their money.
This is why we have a free trial of the AceProject available online. People
don't need to call us or email us to setup their free AceProject account. They
don't need to give us a credit card number. No one will bother them while they
try the new system.

When they are ready to get a paying subscription, we are more than happy to
count them among our customers.

In fact, we encourage our clients to purchase a package that fits their
needs now, and upgrade as they grow. There is no sense in buying more licenses
than required, since upgrading later is not more expensive than purchasing the
full licenses now.

Our results?

Happy clients, with more money in their pockets. Clients that don't feel
ripped off.

And the feeling of doing business right. 🙂