You know when your user base is turning into fans when people start making tools to improve your product. They are so committed to your product, they are willing to improve it themselves. 

To the creator of the product, this is one of the most rewarding gestures a user can make.

Jason Skowronek has been using AceProject for a long time, and, as he explains on his blog, he needed to be able to reuse user licenses. For example, when someone leaves the company, he would need assign that user license to someone else.  Currently, in AceProject, Jason would has the following choices:

  • Rename that user (and keep the former employee's history attached to the user)
  • Delete the user (and loose all the time sheets, discussion forums posts, messages this user created), and create a new user for the new employee
  • Increase his user license to be able to create more users.

It turns out Jason wanted none of those choices. So he wrote this nifty SQL procedure that "In a nutshell, will re-assign all relevant data to a new
user account, then delete the actual user record from the database."

This is very useful to keep within one's user license. More than that, it shows that Jason liked working with AceProject so much he was willing to pitch in and make a tool for AceProject.

We've always been open to our clients making changes to their AceProject system, whether it was by having us customize their account or by doing the work themselves on their Source Code package. We're very happy that Jason made his procedure, and even happier that he chose to share it with us.

Thank you, Jason!

Please note that this script is owned by Jason. We did not test this script, so it may not work with versions of AceProject other than 4.4, or it may not work at all for your database. Use at your own risk. If you run into problems using it, contact Jason. Websystems is not responsible for tools created for
AceProject by third parties.