We’re shopping around for a CMS for AceProject’s web site. In our search, we found KenticoCMS, a nice product that seemed to fit our needs. So we installed the demo to play around with it.

That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part happened a couple of day later. I received an email from Juraj, asking if I had installed Kentico yet and if I got started evaluating it.

No sales pitch. Just a nice offer to help me and answer my questions.

I have to admit this was one of the best sales pitch I ever received. Because it was not about Kentico getting something from me. It was about me getting something out of them.

The value of a customer does not appear after the sale

A lot of companies will put value on a customer once the sale is made. They want to make sure the customer will remain loyal. That is a valuable goal to have.

However, getting a customer to like you enough to stay with your product for a long time should start before the first sale. Before they purchase, the value of that customer is unlimited, the potential untapped. It’s up to us in sales and marketing and support and customer service to show that potential client how well he or she will be treated when they buy the product.