Since last Friday, you probably noticed that “Help” links now point to FAQs. These FAQs are actually part of our knowledge base, which represents a more efficient way to get your questions about AceProject answered. Thanks to a powerful search engine, you can easily find answers to your questions.

We’ve kept the major help pages such as “Time Tracking” and “Task Dependencies”, but got rid of all contextual help pages. We’ve organized all the information in 11 categories (Projects, Tasks, Documents, Time, Expenses, Reports, Admin, Access Rights, Mobile, Intranet, and Miscellaneous).

We extracted the essence of each and every contextual help page and made a “Best of” out of it. Hence, we don’t re-explain every menu item every time and don’t repeat the “See Also” and the “Troubleshooting” either, like we used to.

Make sure you bookmark this link:, or click any “Help” link in the application.

That’s the link to the knowledge base. It may come in handy at times.