Sometimes we are so bent on closing a sale that we are tempted to ignore the needs to the clients and push our product. We are focused on the short term (closing the sale), instead of the much more profitable long-term (having a happy client).

AceProject is a great project management system. Unfortunately, it does not contain any feature ever required by a project manager. For example: AceProject does not include any financial data like hourly rates and cost-tracking. While we do plan to include a cost-tracking module in the mid-term, the current version has no dollar signs in it.

Hence, when a prospective client emails us with a requirement to track costs, we have two choices: sell AceProject with a vague promise of implementing those features at some point, or tell the client upfront that AceProject does not fulfill his requirements for cost tracking. We prefer the second option.

Who knows what the future has in store for us? The fact that we plan to implement a feature today does not mean it will be implement within the expected timeframe. If the client buys AceProject, he also buys the promise of the future feature. If we don't deliver – even for the best reasons – we've failed that client.

I would rather turn away a client that we can't help than see a disappointed client leave us.