In the project management business, our market is the world. However, so is our competition. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of project management software products on the market.  Every week, I find a new competitor.

Project management software had become a sea of products. There are desktop software products, web-based products, open-source products, free products, very expensive products and everything in between. Ruby on RAILS was even invented to develop a project collaboration software. There are so many project management systems available it becomes overwhelming for those people who are tasked with the mission of choosing a system to manage their projects.

So, how can AceProject stand out against its competition? What makes AceProject remarkable, as Seth Godin writes it?

  • Us. What makes AceProject remarkable is the people behind it. We believe in giving great customer service, before and after the customer has given us money. We believe we should make a product that people what to use. And we eat our own dog food: AceProject is also our project and product management system. So when something's wrong with AceProject, we see it as fast as our customers.
  • The test of time. On the web, it's easy to start something up. As easy as it is to close up shop. Being around since 2001 makes us look like the older brother on our market. Being around since 2001 also give us the stability and experience many of our clients are looking for in a supplier. While most organizations are no longer shy about buying online or using a system online, they do want to be reassured that the company they trust with their data won't be gone next month.

What makes you remarkable?