Ah, Seth Godin. If you're involved with marketing, branding, or life online, his blog is required reading. Seth has a very inspiring, no-nonsense way to think and express ideas.

In an interview he gave for the Spark 97 podcast, he was talking about how to get from living life offline to getting on the bandwagon and become present online. His point of view was quite interesting: being online is now required. Period. No ifs. No buts.

Then he said this: "Online project management tools force people to use the tools. Because
if you don’t, then you don’t know how to do your part of the project."

The challenge of moving to a collaborative project management system is also its strength

If you and your team choose to use an online project management system like AceProject, be prepared for the culture switch. The team goes from depending on the project management to know what they need to do, to sharing the responsibility of communicating with the rest of the team. Project management goes from pure management to collaboration.

This is a true challenge, especially for teams that are moving from spreadsheet-based project management. It changes the flow of information.

Moving to online project management is also a great way to involve the team with the project. If as project managers, we hold the line and redirect people to the project management system instead of answering theirs questions about their tasks (giving a fish VS teaching to fish), the team will gradually learn and accept the tool. Because it's such a fundamental shift from the traditional ways, there can be no in-between.