I am currently filling out an RFP for a potential customer. It's not the
first RFP we've received. While some people and organizations will shop by instinct
and choose the project management tool that feels right, others will try to gather
as much information as they can on those tools. In the end, I wonder if there's
a difference in the proportion of unhappy customers between the methods.

The RFP I am filling out now is by far the most detailed I've ever received
for AceProject. It contains questions about Websystems' business philosophy and
background. It contains questions about the project management system, and it
contains a very detailed list of features, where we must answer whether
AceProject supports or includes such a feature.

On the one hand, it's a great tool for us to understand what our customers
want. On the other hand, I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of
information that is requested of me. I'm wondering if trying out AceProject
would not be a more efficient way of knowing if it's the right project
management tool for the organizations. And I'm wondering if there really is a
system that can really do everything that is listed in there. 

For me, most of the times, too much information will actually make it harder
to take a decision.

In the case here, I'm not even the one taking the decision and I'm already
suffering from information overload.