Quebec City, November 1, 2010 (from MarketWire) – Websystems, Inc. is proud to introduce a new website for its web-based project management software, AceProject.

Since 2001, AceProject has helped startups, small businesses and large organizations like IBM, AT&T and PG&E manage their projects either on the Web or within their intranet. “We want to show both our customers and competitors that we are coming in the new decade like a freight train.” says Daniel Raymond, Websystems’ owner and mastermind. “We were in the market before software-as-a-service (SaaS) became mainstream. Our old website made us look like we were still living in 2005. The fact of the matter is that we are living in 2015 in our heads. Our website had to reflect that.” says Sylvain Traversy, technical writer and web marketing specialist for Websystems, Inc.

AceProject’s new website comes with an important new feature in the software itself – project expenses management. “Expense management was definitely the most requested feature for AceProject. It was at the top of our wishlist.” says Michel Deslandes, customer service specialist for AceProject. Offering the ability to manage project expenses enables AceProject to reach a new market, a new audience and satisfy its existing customers’ needs.

Besides expense management, AceProject also offers project management, timesheet management, document management, collaboration and several reports to anyone who has projects to manage. “There is no methodology behind AceProject, and we want to keep it that way. AceProject can be used by anyone, without any professional project management knowledge required.” says Daniel Raymond. The software is available online (software-as-a-service) or as an installable intranet version.

Websystems is confident that its new website will help boost AceProject’s appeal and popularity  in the project management software market. “We looked outdated, we had to face it. I’m really proud of what we have done with this new website. It really shows what we are today.” says Michel Bourbeau, graphic designer and HTML integrator for Websystems.

About Websystems, Inc.Websystems, Inc. offers AceProject, an SaaS-based project management software, since 2001. As a pioneer in the online project management software industry, Websystems has helped companies of all sizes, in 70+ countries. AceProject is a project management, timesheet management, document management, HR management and project collaboration web application.