Project management is all about data: goals, requirements, resources, tasks, documents, planning, scheduling, budgeting, and then some.

No matter how much of that data one can product or study, there is always a time when the decision must be taken with the gut. When we must listen to the voice of intuition.

When, even with all the facts against him, a developer can be convinced he can fix the problem within the deadline.

Can you trust intuition?

Intuition and faith and so much alike. Can we trust somebody's gut feeling, or even our own? Especially when it contradicts the facts?

The fact is, if we don't, chances are we will regret it down the line. When someone is absolutely convinced, and can pass this conviction onto the team, they deserve to be given the chance to prove their gut feeling.

It's a big risk.

But one will never be great by playing it safe.

So the question is: would you prefer greatness or safety?