Do you take decisions based on a hunch, or do you take the time
to analyze everything carefully?

In project management, your type of decision-making can
profoundly affect the rhythm of the project. Even more, your team's
decision-making style can also affect the project.

For example, I am an intuitive decision maker. I will focus
on a few parameters, and take my decision on how I feel about the situation more than on what the data says.  Daniel, on the other hand, analyzes all
aspects of the situation. He likes to sleep on it. Daniel wants to make sure we
make the right decision.

When Daniel and I work together, we are very complimentary.
While I will become very enthusiastic and come up quickly with ideas and
solutions on how to address a situation, Daniel will calm me down and take the
time to think about every solution that I proposed. While I can to push Daniel
a little bit to make a decision at times, he will keep me from running with an
idea without thinking about its consequences.

Whether you are intuitive or analytical, you must be careful
to avoid pitfalls


Runaway decisions

This happens when intuitive persons start taking decisions
just to get it over with. It's not about the decision anymore; it's about having taken the decision. When in this state, intuitive people will loose
sight of the whole project.

While I take my decisions quickly, I like to let my
decisions sit for a while, to see if they will stick.


Analysis paralysis

Analytical people can often loose themselves in the data. If
they feel uncertain about a decision, their solution will be to acquire more
data, always more data. But the fact is, at some point, more data starts to
have the opposite effect: it confuses the issue rather than clarifying it.

When he feels that way, Daniel will take a leap of faith. And
99% of the time, life goes on J.