When selling a product or service, we tend to focus on the attractive traits of the product. Having the best features. Meeting the bestest, newest requirements on the market. Making the prospective customer's eye twinkle when they see our product.

That's very important, because if there is no seduction, no twinkling in the eyes, there is no sale. The product has to be attractive.

However, once the client has been won over,  we have to keep her interested in the product. If the product is aggravating to use, all the seduction in the world won't keep the client using the product.

You see, it's like dating

On the first date, we're on our best behavior. We're dressed in our best and we make every effort to shine a positive light on ourselves. As the weeks go, we become more comfortable and that's when we find out if we can tolerate the other's quirks. That's when light sleepers find out if their new love snores, and when neat freaks figure out that they're dating a slob.

Don't let your clients be irritated away from your product

Things that clients complain about frequently should be as important on the fix list as feature requests. If people have a bad  experience every time they use your product, they will drift away.