Time Sheets have been the story in the last month! The way users will record their hours has been rethought. Our development team’s focus has been on making time entry quicker. Amongst other changes, having to create one’s weekly timesheet is a thing of the past.

Time Entry Improvements

  • Selecting Home > Time > My Time automatically opens the user’s current weekly timesheet.
  • “My Time” added in Home tab default pages options.
  • Weekly timesheets now created transparently. “Add a New Week” button and “Auto create weeks” option removed.
  • Timeline navigation tools added in “My Time”.
  • “Add Time…” drop-down now lists recent projects 1st followed by other assigned projects, grouped by Project Type.
  • When viewing a weekly timesheet, one or several items can be selected and copied onto another week.
  • Multi-time item deletion added.

Time Approval Improvements

  • “In Progress or Submitted” status filter option added in time approval areas.
  • When approving time items in “By Item” view, a “+ Back to Weekly View” option is now available on the “Apply” button.
  • “Time Type” filter added in time approval areas.
  • Improved navigation and filter handling when working through the “By Week” time approval view.

Several other timesheet improvements are in the works. The pièce de résistance will be the ability to edit weekly timesheet hours directly in the My Time screen, rather than having to open time items, one at a time, in Edit mode. Coming in a jiffy!