Scott at WebWorkerDaily has a very good point: “Please let my account die gracefully, peacefully and with dignity.”

I think a lot of us share Scott’s problem: We try a new web service or product, we setup a free account, and quickly forget about it…only we can’t. Because we keep receiving emails from these services. Even though we haven’t logged into those accounts for months, and have never clicked on any link in the email or responded in any way to the call to action, we still receive about an email a week from these services.

I classify them as spam, and forget about them. The problem I have with these is that they pollute my email inbox, and they waste my time.

AceProject has a free account anyone can create. It is limited to 5 users, 5 projects, 50 tasks and 25MB of file storage. It gives prospective clients a chance to take AceProject on a test run. If they like AceProject, they can upgrade their free account.  If they don’t like AceProject, they can forget it. Free AceProject account that are inactive for 30 days are deleted automatically, and we will never contact these people again.

While some people may think it’s nice to have a very large database of people to spam, I doubt there is any money to be made, long term, from annoying people.

Whatever happened to doing the right thing?