AceProject 4.6’s development is going well! We are progressing much faster with the agile development method. Overall, this method makes AceProject 4.6 always ready to be released, because we test and document each iteration, instead of waiting at the end to find and fix the bugs. This turns out to be much more efficient.

Thanks our great development team, I can show you more of AceProject 4.6.

Task History

Many clients love our Task History feature, which logs all changes to a task automatically. Unfortunately, this option was not enabled by default in AceProject, we everyone had to remember to always check that little box. Well, not anymore. Task History will now be enabled by default when you create a project:

Google Chrome support

AceProject already supports Safari. Since Safari and Chrome use the same Webkit, it wasn’t a big challenge for us to support Chrome. Plus, the ability to make application shortcuts is a nice way to have AceProject on your desktop!

Task comments in the user tab

It used to be that you would create the task, the move to the assignment tab to choose who will do the task, and then come back to the main task tab to put a comment. This was time consuming. With AceProject 4.6, you will be able to put comments in the Assignment tab as well.

Dates reports without math logic

This was one of my pet peeves. I can’t think time with logical operators. For me, it was very difficult to think if a start date was smaller or bigger than another date. I always had to think about things like “Start Date > 25/03/2008,” before I could say that it meant that the start date is later than March 25th. I am certain that I was not alone in this predicament. With AceProject 4.6, <, >, and = have been replaced with real words, which makes it much easier to understand.