This week Josh from contacted me to update a study help Excel sheet I built back when I was studying for my PMP exam. With the PMBOK update, the spreadsheet was obsolete.

As I was updating the processes, inputs and outputs, I noticed that while the processes themselves hadn't changed much, the inputs and outputs terminology has changed quite a bit – and for the better! For example, instead of listing all the management plans (human resources management plan, comminucations management plan, quality management plan, etc.), the PMBOK nos simply lists "project documents." A much simpler term.

I saw two new things in the inputs and outputs:

  • Requirements traceability matrix. It's a table designed to link requirements with their origin, like a business need or a project objective.
  • Stakeholder register. Similar to a risk register, it's a document where information about the stakeholders is kept. This is useful to make sure all stakeholders are involved in the project at the proper level.

Download the study helper: Excel 2000-2003   2007