It was not so long ago that web-based software was not deemed trustworthy. What if the Internet service was down? What about the files, would they be safe?

I remember disliking Hotmail because it was web-based only. My inbox size was limited, access was not always possible and there was so much spam!  Ten years later, I'm in love with Gmail, because it's web-based: I've got more inbox space than I could ever need, it's always on and the spam filter is amazing.

What changed? From web-based distrust to a growing interest and need for web-based applications, even the business world is getting onboard. There are several reasons why software as a service is becoming so popular:

  • No need to maintain software on users' workstations. This takes a huge load off the IT team's work. Software on user workstations requires permissions to be managed and needs to be updated regularly. When the hardware is upgraded, it also takes time to reinstall all the software. With web-based software, all the IT team has to worry about is the Internet browser and the user's access to the Internet. Web-based software is maintained, upgraded and supported by the supplier.
  • No need to manage file servers. When all one's files are in a web-based application, the organization doesn't need to maintain hard drive space on file servers, it becomes the supplier's problem. This turns into savings in hardware and time for the client.
  • No need to manage databases. With a project management system like AceProject, the database is hosted on the supplier's servers and the client doesn't need a database administrator on staff. All database management and maintenance tasks are performed by the supplier.
  • Backups at the client's discretion. Since the supplier takes care of backups and sometimes even provides a garanteed level of service, it's up to the client to decide if they want to make their own backups of their web-based sysem's data.

Let's face it, software updates are becoming cumbersome and time-consuming. Network security is only getting tighter, making it harder to access our own data from outside the network. The planet is getting smaller everyday. Having secure access to software, regardless of where you are in the world, easily, makes more sense. It makes so much sense, in fact, that organizations prefer renting or subscribing to software rather than buying it.

At AceProject, we offer both a hosted solution and an installed solution, and 90% of our customers prefer the hosted solution.