Structure is good. Structure helps us make sense of our projects. Structure guides us.

But does structure have to be so darn inflexible?

Nouveau Variation from Syntopia

I vow that in 2010, we put some smarts on our structure. That we walk away from rigidity and embrace a more intelligent way to structure our projects.

  • Let us be open to suggestions from others, even if they know nothing about project management.
  • Let us be open-minded about changing the way things are done now.
  • Let us walk away from "just because" as a reason to do things a certain way
  • Let us examine our processes and structure with a fresh, open mind
  • Let us have the guts to change something, even if it means walking away from tradition.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

Have you made a list? Chosen just one? Or already abandoned them all? 🙂