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Latest development news on expenses management

As you already know, we are currently working on adding expenses management to AceProject. Basically, users will allowed to record expenses against projects or tasks. Each expense can be sent for approval and tracked in reports. As a teaser, here are a few screenshots:

This page will be available in the "My Office" section. This is where you'll see all your expenses. There will be filters and a text-to-search field. New expenses can be added using the "Quick Action" drop-down at the top of the list.

Now, here's the "Add an Expense" window:

An expense can be recorded against a project or a specific task. You can enter a summary, an expense type and date, the amount, a supporting document (e.g. a PDF invoice) and enter comments (usually, to justify the expense).

Finally, here's the "Expense Report":

Basically, this report shows every expense's detail and provides the sum at the bottom. Just like most reports in AceProject, the "Expense Report" will be available as a "Printer Version" and […]

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Just in before the end of summer: Cost tracking coming to AceProject!

It’s been requested for a long time. After all, cost or part of the project management triangle, along with schedule and scope. While AceProject allows for management of the schedule and the scope of the project, no dollar signs could be found in the application.

That’s about to change

With version 4.8, scheduled for the end of the year, AceProject will include the following cost tracking features:

  • Entering an hourly cost rate for each user
  • Logging expenses for a task and/or a project
  • Entering estimates for expenses as well as hours
  • Entering a budget for the project
  • Reporting on expenses and labor costs
  • Comparison to budget and estimates
  • Disabling or enabling both cost tracking and time tracking features at the account level

As development progresses, we’ll share some screen captures with you here.

Our goal is to introduce a way to manage project costs that is simple and user-friendly. Our challenge is to keep AceProject balanced between its ease of use and a comprehensive feature set, and we expect that the cost tracking features will test us on that level.

What do you think? How should we […]

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