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Competition or colleagues?

The world of project management is a crowded place. There are multiple profesional accreditation options, multiple project management methodologies and countless books, blogs and tools to manage projects.

This is a good thing. I have never talked to two organizations who managed projects the same way. It makes sense that there would a wide range of options.

In most markets, when you sell something, the other products that are sold to do the same thing as your product are called competition. The customer base is finite and the game is to win over the heart of a majority of those customers. When we talk about AceProject and the world of project management software, this feels wrong to me.

There are many, many, many project management tools out there. Open source tools, free tools, affordable tools, expensive tools, web-based and desktop-based. The Google search for project management tool comes up with 188 million results. With that many players in the race to win over users and fans, how can we even see it […]

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Let us go

Scott at WebWorkerDaily has a very good point: “Please let my account die gracefully, peacefully and with dignity.”

I think a lot of us share Scott’s problem: We try a new web service or product, we setup a free account, and quickly forget about it…only we can’t. Because we keep receiving emails from these services. Even though we haven’t logged into those accounts for months, and have never clicked on any link in the email or responded in any way to the call to action, we still receive about an email a week from these services.

I classify them as spam, and forget about them. The problem I have with these is that they pollute my email inbox, and they waste my time.

AceProject has a free account anyone can create. It is limited to 5 users, 5 projects, 50 tasks and 25MB of file storage. It gives prospective clients a chance to take AceProject on a test run. If they like AceProject, they can upgrade their free account.  If they don’t […]

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The cool tools your never used again

We see them all the time on the web: cool tools. Websites that offer a service that is original, technically advanced, or just fun. If you read a lot of blogs, you probably check out at least one of those cool tools every week. How many of those make the move from cool new tool to tools you use regularly?

There are three reasons why you won’t keep using a cool tool:

1. It’s not usable enough
2. It’s not fitted for what you do

Not usable enough: I want Sandy

I wanted to use this service. It’s really cool. It’s an automated assistant that you can email back and forth with, to build lists, keep track of appointments and receive reminders. Somehow I never could master the Sandy’s syntax. I tried a few times, couldn’t get Sandy to do what I wanted, and I gave up.

Not fitted to what I do: Cymbolism

This is another very cool service. You search for a word, like powerful, and cymbolism returns a chart with the colors people […]

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