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Date selection improved!

It is now possible to choose dates using a graphical pop-up calendar when editing tasks and projects. This makes finding a date easy and also eliminates typographical errors.

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File attachments

FreeTaskManager is proud to introduce its latest improvement: attaching files to tasks, such as screen captures, images or documents. Each company may attach up to 2 Mb of files to its projects’ tasks.

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Time Sheet finally available!

Management becomes easier with our Time Sheet module : users enter their hours and request approval, while project managers effortlessly approve time sheets. Easy automatic email notification makes communication easier.

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A Brand-New Task Report Section!

We have just added a new section to the FreeTaskManager, the Task Report section. It is accessible through the Task Reports button in the main menu. Please do not hesitate to comment on this new section as we are looking for your suggestions for new reports.

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Thank you all for your comments on the FreeTaskManager, they helps us improve the system to make it even better. We took your comments into account, and made the following changes:

  • You can now manually modify the number of any task in any of your projects. This eliminates an issue where two tasks added simultaneously in the same project would have the same task number.
  • You can also set the number of tasks to appear on each task page. This permits you to adjust your FreeTaskManager display to fit your screen size and resolution.
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