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AceProject Survey, what features you like best and least

The results from the survey are in. It was our first-ever survey here at Websystems. Here’s a summary:

Which feature do you use most?

  1. Task management
  2. Time Sheets
  3. Project management
  4. Gantt charts
  5. Task comments

Which feature do you like the most?

  1. Email notifications
  2. Task Management
  3. Time sheets
  4. Tracking task and project status
  5. Reports

Which feature do you like the least?

  1. Time sheets
  2. Email notifications
  3. Reports
  4. Task creation workflow (tabs)
  5. Search

What’s interesting is that then time sheet module, email notifications and task management are present in all three answers. It seems time sheets and email notifications are either loved or hated. Among the comments we received, being able to edit the time sheet for the whole week (like a grid) and being able to customize how email notifications work were the most frequent.

However, people told us they loved to receive those email notifications. We were also told that time sheets are very easy to use.

Overall, what you told us is that you think our reports and our task creation workflow should be a lot better.

We hear you. Your comments were very insightful and we will make sure to keep the good stuff and […]

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AceProject Survey: preliminary results

This week we sent a survey to all our AceProject account administrators. Since we are planning a complete rebuild of AceProject, we wanted to make sure to keep what people liked, and to fix the things that people didn’t like.

The responses were great! You left us very detailed answers, which gives us much greater insight into what you guys are doing with AceProject.

Pie charts, everyone!

Here are preliminary results analysis. We hope to get everything processed next week. Since we had open-ended questions, we need to read everything and group similar answers together.

(click to enlarge)

It was interesting to see who is using AceProject. While we weren’t surprised to see software developers, marketers and consultants in such high numbers, we realized we were popular in the education and publishing fields. It was also interesting to see how much variety there was amongst the responses.

(click to enlarge)

Looking at the responses for the favorite AceProject feature, the top 50% includes email notifications, task management, time sheets, status tracking and ease […]

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