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Another scoop on AceProject 4.7: Workload management

We’re working on the second development phase for AceProject 4.7. There will be three phases in AceProject’s 4.7’s development cycle.

In phase 1, we modified task dependencies.

In phase 2, we tackle how user workload is managed in AceProject. We found that the User Workload report was hard to read. It was difficult to assign several people to do the same task, and yet count their assigned hours efficiently. Here’s what we did:

A typical work day

In AceProject 4.7, you’ll be able to set a typical workday length, in hours. This is useful to avoid setting the same work day length for all your users.

Once you’ve set a default for the account, you’ll be able to enable that feature for your users. Moreover, you’ll be able to set different work days for users that don’t follow the main schedule. For example, if someone on your team only works half-days, you’ll be able to set it up accordingly.

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AceProject 4.7 in the works

We’ve started testing phase 1 of AceProject 4.7 last week. So far, we’re really impressed with Pascal’s work. Not only is the software working as expected, but there are very few bugs to fix.

Phase 1 was mostly focused on improving task dependencies. Most AceProject users will tell you task dependencies are very rigid in AceProject. We use only hard logic: the predecessor task must be completed before its successor can start. Dates are mandatory. It makes it difficult to use task dependencies efficiently in the current system.

In AceProject 4.7, we introduce non-mandatory task dependencies. For dependency chains that can accept flexibility and overlap between tasks, you’ll be able to start a task even if its predecessor is not completed.

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Even better: if your task doesn’t have dates or has incompatible dates with the predecessor, AceProject will propose some dates to you in a pop-up, so you don’t need to remember when the previous task ended.

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We are […]

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How to get the most out of AceProject, Part III: Printers

Moving a brochure from an idea to a layout to an approved proof to a box of printed copies is no easy task.

With AceProject, printers can move files from one process to the next, and make sure that all the approvals are given before the file goes to the next process.

Create users for each production step in your workflow

At most printers, there are workstations near the presses. Those are not necessarily assigned to specific users. If you want to create a workflow that doesn’t depend on who’s running this part of the workflow, simply create users based on the process.

However you’ll need to make sure there is an email associated with this user, so they can receive email notifications.

Involve your clients

If you often work with the same clients, you can even give them access to AceProject, with limited rights, so that they can upload files, request quotes, or approve work before sending it to press.

Set Finish-to-Start […]

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