Websystems is located in Quebec City. This year, it's the 400th anniversary of the city's foundation. While technically, Quebec City is not the oldest city in North America, it is the only one that is still there, in its original location. 

To celebrate the event, we've been having a big party since the summer began. Yesterday, we had one of the biggest events so far: the event organizers invited Paul McCartney (yes, THE Paul McCartney). The show was free. You can imagine the crowd that showed up to see this living legend. People slept in front of the gates before the park opened. about 1 person out of 3 that lives in Quebec City went to the event.

That's how much pull Paul McCartney has. How powerful his brand is.

What I found interesting about him is that he seems to have built his brand on just being himself. People like him because he is a legend in the musical realm. But he's likeable because he seems to be such a nice guy.

That can't be faked or built.