Behind the FreeTaskManager’s professional new look, you will find improved features, a more powerful database system and an integrated user-friendly help section.

The FreeTaskManager now sports a tab-based navigation system: the My Office tab is each user’s personal place. It is now easier to browse between an open project and your preferences, simply click on the tabs and you’re there! Even better, the project tab displays your project’s name, so you always know what you’re working on. Project navigation has been greatly improved, letting you jump from page to page effortlessly. Moreover, an integrated contextual help system is now available: you have a question? Simply click on HELP and get your answers!

We did not forget about the administrators in this great makeover: the administration section contains all items pertaining to managing projects and your FreeTaskManager account. The tab structure also allows for hiding this administration section, should a user not have the proper access rights. This avoids creating useless needs.

Technically speaking, we are switching our online database to SQL Server 2000. This will improve the FreeTaskManager twofold: the system’s speed will be greatly increased, as well as its stability. SQL server will eliminate the page reload issue caused by user saturation with MS Access.

The free access is still there, granting 2 projects, 5 users, 50 tasks, 25 time sheets, and 2 Mb file attachment space, but now you are using a more powerful and user-friendly system than ever!